5 Facts to Note About Virtual Assistants

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[tweetmeme]If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant, you may want to note several important facts about them. These are individuals (or teams of them) who can help start and grow your business, depending on their experience and qualifications. Before you start looking for the right assistants to help with your projects, here are five facts to note about them below.

1. These are professional peers, rather than secretaries in a traditional setting. These individuals will be hired by you to do jobs that you need done. This makes them contractors who you will need to learn to trust and hire for your projects.

2. Typically, you will get what you pay for. Many virtual AKA personal assistants actually hold degrees and have been formally trained; hence, you will need to expect to pay for quality. While you can certainly find people charging less than $10 per hour, you won’t have the same quality results you can expect paying more for an established individual with specialized skills for specialized tasks.

3. Not every task is financially sound for these individuals. While you are saving time, you need to consider the return on investment (ROI) associated with these workers. Typing and even virtual filing can be excellent tasks for assistants, for instance. However, if a task requires too many details (like a complete guide to follow that boasts over dozens of pages in length) and /or training up front, you need to reconsider any task that you assign for one-time assignments.

4. Not all personal assistants are perfect for all situations. Just like a doctor has an area of specialty or expertise, the virtual assistant will also have areas where their skills are focused more. This means you might have an individual who excels with financial skills, while general word processing might be a weaker skill. Be sure you ask your potential virtual assistant where their areas of experience are focused.

5. Virtual personal assistants tend to work on their own schedule and are their own bosses. While they are doing work for you, be sure you know what their schedule normally consists of. Some work weekdays, while others work nights and weekends. Know up front what you can expect from these individuals before you choose their services.

For more tips, check websites and blogs of popular virtual assistants and virtual assistant companies and team. They often post regularly and share insider tips.

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