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[tweetmeme]Backlinks are a dime a dozen. Everyone needs them, but some are more valuable than others. This is why contextual backlinks, which are links surrounded by content rich key phrases, are highly prized and sought after. The reason is simple; when a search engine indexes and crawls a webpage, it does this through Artificial Intelligence, better known as robot spiders. Part of the Google patent even states the ability to judge a link based on its location within a webpage and value it accordingly. Basically, Google knows if your link is floating around aimlessly in a footer link, blogroll, or header, and also knows if a link is surrounded by relevant content, or random gibberish. It’s like Santa; it knows if your links have been bad or good, and for Christmas you’re going to get rewarded with better rankings.

Well where can I get these Contextual Backlinks?

Since we now know what a in content link is, we need to figure out what medium gives us the best opportunity for this. The two that should make a great deal of sense to you are blogging, and article marketing.

Blogging – you Control your Destiny…Link destiny that is…

When you own a blog, you don’t have to answer to anyone for permission to embed hyperlinks, the content, or how often you post. For this reason many like to “piggy back” off the success of proven platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Xanga, and a few others. Search for “free blog hosting” or similar searches and you can see there are dozens to hundreds of public blog platforms to create your personal blog. The hardest part of this setup is the initial time investment to register. Now there are programs available to quicken this process but most are expensive and/or limited to the amount of sites they can submit to. For this reason you should make a list of every public blog platform and begin creating your personal blogosphere empire.

The Post: Be sure to write unique content, even if poorly written on your blog so the search engines pick it up and view it as a special unique snowflake. Write a minimum of 500 words, but the more you write, the better chance of a) being found b) ranking for related phrases. This article is over 1000 words long, but I write for the reader on premiere networks such as EzineArticles. Now go and register to these blog platforms…I’m waiting.

K, welcome back! So you have at your disposal a good base of blogs to submit content and obtain contextual backlinks (link in beginning, middle and end, not all in one place). The next step on the contextual bucket list is Article Marketing, which is extremely similar to blog creation/posting, but the main difference is public article directories are usually moderated so your work will require a bit more finesse and less focus on the spiders.

Article Marketing – “Your Contextual Backlinks are awaiting Moderation Gods*

Unlike blogs, there are literally thousands of public directories; it’s actually overwhelming. To get started one should focus on the ones with PageRank (PR) of at least 1. You can view directorycritics list or other compilations. Once you register (about 200 or so with Pagerank) start writing content and submitting. Some will get stuck in moderation limbo, while others make it through; it’s extremely important to write quality, at least first time around to see if a website is live and moderating fairly. After your first round you can keep track of which sites are dead/never going to accept, and simply put that article back into rotation at another directory (so you don’t waste it). Tracking with folders and Microsoft Excel is a great way to manage the dance of content shuffling.

I’m HUNGRY for links and don’t have time for dead public directories!

I like your spirit! In this case there are networks that are “private” unlike the public directories we have been utilizing. In this personal, private networks, membership comes with a price tag; this then grants you the ability to post within the network as if it were your own blog/article directory. Big advantages here are of course guaranteed alive websites (you are paying for the service), and new IP address links you would have otherwise never obtained. Two examples of private networks are Build My Rank (BMR) and Link Vana. They only accept unique content, but as long as it’s not spammy you will get accepted. With all the vast choices of free platforms, it’s a wonder if these networks are completely necessary.

Public, to Private, to Control Freak – We want to personally own the websites!

Now, we do “own” the blogs we have created on the public platforms, and we are at the mercy of the public article directories, but there is another method you can use to build contextual backlinks. Build Your Own Empire. This requires more knowledge, skill, and capital then the above methods but can reap huge rewards.

GoDaddy and other domain websites hold auctions each day for expiring domains. Here you can pay as little, or as much as you like. The more powerful the website in terms of backlinks, PageRank,.com, and name determine its value. To increase our diversity, we will then host these newly bought domains on different c class ip addresses (if all the links are coming from the same “location”, Google and other Search Engines see this and don’t value it as highly). You will need to change nameservers, setup a hosting account, install wordpress or another platform on the backened, and then you can post unlimited just like your public blogs, only with complete control and further diversity. You could always go to flippa to purchase setup websites but you will most likely be overcharged. If you stick with public blogs, public/private article directories and do some guest blogging occasionally you will be swimming in a sea of contextual relevant backlinks.

Need the highest quality contextual backlinks without the fuss of registration or content posting? I recommend to avoid the complicated process of buying expensive domains and harnessing the power of homepage contextual links. Also, with all those posts you’re going to need to get those posts indexed. Use which will build over 200,000 links to your posts each month automatically.

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Article Source:
Hopefully you have found this article of value about internet marketing and hiring a virtual assistant to help you out.  Visit us again for more information.

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