Goodbye 2011!

Goodbye-2011[tweetmeme]How was your 2011?

For whatever it is, we should be very thankful.  Amidst the typhoons, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, recession – we are still here, alive and kicking… 🙂  We should always feel so blessed that God has been so good to us.

For internet marketers, some of us have been “Pandalized”, sandboxed, penalized or worst deindexed.  Your site maybe have gone from top 1 to nowhere in SERP or your adsense account was closed.  But life goes on.  Let us see what we can do and go forward.  There is no reason for us to cry over spilled milk.  The WWW has limitless opportunities so let us grab whatever we can.

What we should look forward to 2012?  A more of the above – so let us prepare ourselves.  I have read somewhere that life is not about chances, it is about choices.  When we choose to strive more and learn more and do more – we will achieve what we are aiming.

Happy New Year to all!

By the way, i was featured in a book, How to Start a Home-based Business to Become a Work-At-Home Mom (Home-Based Business Series).   This book was written by a great writer, Georganne Fiumara.  Grab a copy now!

I also have several magazine interviews that are lined up for this year.  Very good start of year for me.. 🙂


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Improve Website Traffic and Sales With Keyword Research

[tweetmeme]Even if you do not consider yourself very web or tech savvy, chances are you’re familiar with the term “keyword.” Every time you hop onto a search engine and surf the Internet for information, you’re using keywords somewhere in the process. Its role in the way users find information and resources is crucial to the way the web operates. If you’re interested in improving your website’s page rankings, increasing traffic and raising sales revenues, the main key is to learn how to use keyword research to your advantage.

What is Keyword Research?

As you already know, there are millions, if not billions, of different keywords that online visitors use on a daily basis. However, not all keywords are effective, nor do they promise good results when it comes to improving website traffic and page rankings. This is where keyword research comes into play. As the name implies, this type of research involves figuring out which sets of phrases are not only the most relevant to a website but also which ones are the most widely used by people surfing the Web that is not already being heavily used by competitor sites.


So what does keyword research have to do with your online business? The answer: a lot. One of the most obvious benefits is that using the right combination of phrases in your online content is a great way to improve website traffic and even increase sales. Unless people are able to find your site in their online searches, you’ll lose out on business. Low traffic means there are not a lot of people visiting your site, which means a lower chance of acquiring paying customers, which can ruin your business before it has even started.

However, with the right keywords sprinkled throughout your web pages, meta tags, page names and other areas, search engines will recognize your website faster and promptly display it at the top of a person’s search results each time they enter one or more keyword phrases that relate to the nature of your website. When this happens, more exposure is given to your site, which means an increase in web traffic and the better the odds are of converting a visitor to a paying customer.

How to Do Keyword Research

Over time the process of conducting keyword research in order to improve website traffic has gotten much more convenient. While there is always the option of brainstorming phrases off the top of your head, there are a variety of websites, tools and software applications that do the bulk of the legwork for you. Using these types of tools makes the process of finding the best keyword phrases for your website much faster, not to mention that many of them are available free of charge.

Once you’ve acquired your list of phrases, begin inserting them strategically into your website’s content. It is important to avoid using them too much by stuffing them into places where they do not belong. All of the content in your site should flow naturally and not make it so obvious that certain phrases are there for search engine purposes.

Let the Magic Begin

Over time, you’ll begin to notice your page rankings moving higher up in search results. When you’re able to improve website traffic through the use of viable keyword phrases, your website will not only become more profitable by receiving larger volumes of online visitors, but can effectively keep you ahead of the competition, while providing an increase in sales.

SECockpit is a website built around a keyword research tool. There are many tools that have been designed to help website owners find good keywords to build their sites around. Keyword research should be at the top of your checklist when beginning a new website. Finding an effective keyword research tool should also be at the top of your checklist.

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Hopefully you have found this article of value about keyword research and hiring a virtual assistant to help you out.  Visit us again for more information.

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Promising Future For Internet Marketing Company

[tweetmeme]With Internet occupying the driver’s seat in the commercial world today, future of Ecommerce sales and business seems highly promising. But if you are owner of an Internet marketing company, the most pertinent question however is whether it is as promising for you?

Fact remains that over the last few years, ecommerce has been gaining prominence in the market. People have started appreciating the hassle free shopping they are able to make over the Internet. It is far more convenient shopping from the cool comforts of your residence than coming across the hassles and tensions related to shopping in the local market. Crowds, disturbing sounds all around, the discomfort of running from shop to shop and the limited options available all make shopping in the local market a distinct disadvantage in comparison to marketing online.

In addition the Internet marketing company also ensures that the clients do not have to encounter the problems of carrying huge cash or get involved in insecure transactions. Greatest advantage they offer is that both the buyer and seller can carry out their transactions remaining obscure from common view as well as each other.

While the future of ecommerce thus seems to be quite bright, whether you will have the same benefit for your company is dependent on multiple factors. You are not the only one trying to make money online and the competition is far fiercer in comparison to the competition in the local market. With millions of customers in the fray to be grabbed for better business, it is necessary that you remain a step ahead of your rivals in various aspects like goodwill, efficiency, quality, and is able to generate the trust of the customers.

Starting an Internet marketing company is not as difficult as keeping it afloat and turning it into a profitable proposition. Huge efforts substantiated by effective planning and strategies are required for success in marketing online. Just as “Rome was not built in a day”; an entrepreneur cannot expect his online marketing business jumpstart all of a sudden. Principles of 3D; discipline, determination, and dedication comes to play a great role in making the online business successful.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for PPC Management and Best ecommerce solution.

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Hopefully you have found this article of value about internet marketing and hiring a virtual assistant to help you out.  Visit us again for more information.

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Making Money With Adsense

[tweetmeme]Maximize your site by generating some couple of dollars per click from including Adsense advertisements onto it. Most people are now aware of how good money is made on this. Try computing how many clicks of adsense ads will be made on each and every page in your website and you will receive a summation of earnings equal to a monthly residual earnings with this little effort. No sweat, isn’t it?

Just how much money you’ll be generating will rely on just how much the marketers are prepared to pay. It depends also about the key phrases needed. When the key phrases the marketer have selected are very popular, you can receive more dollars per click. However, low demand key phrases will enable you to get only a couple of cents per click. In here, keyword research is the key. There should be a balance of number of searches and number of competition.

How will you begin to make profits from your website using Adsense?

1. Subscribe to an Adsense account. It’ll just take a couple of minutes.

2. Once the website is recognized, you’ll be getting a code to incorporate in your webpages. You are able to place this code on as numerous pages or internet sites you want. The AdWords will begin showing up soon after.

3. You’ll be generating a couple of cents or some dollars per click when someone begins hitting the AdWords shown on all of your webpages. Attempting to earn false revenues by over and over again clicking by yourself advertisements is really a no-no. This can lead to a problem or the potential of your website being removed. The cash you’ve already gained might be lost due to this.

4. View your statistics. Adsense earnings could be checked anytime by logging on your account.

And the next question is how can you improve your Adsense earnings?

1. Pick one general subject for your site. And then another minor subject per page. It is advisable to write a content for the page with only a couple of specific keywords or key phrases. The search engine will show advertisements which are most relevant that will then lead to greater click throughs.

2. Using light area surrounding your ad. This could build your ad stick out in the page so site visitors can see them easily. You will find also other options of colours you should use, which could coordinate the colour of the ad with the site color.

3. Test out your ad positioning. It’s suggested to make use of the vertical format that runs lower along side it of the site to obtain more success. You may also try both vertical and horizontal formats for any certain time period to determine what one provides you with better results.

4. More content-based pages. Widen the theme of the website by creating pages that focus more about your keywords and key phrases. This can optimize the web pages for that search engines like google. It cannot only attract traffic but additionally make sure they are more relevant for that AdWords to become displayed.

There are a lot of work involved in building a site for Adsense purpose. Internet marketers will need all the help they can get. It is recommended to hire a virtual assistant to assist them and make their life easier.

Zarah Pimentel is firstly a really proud mother to a 5year old girl. She is a co-founder of Hire a VA, an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources Virtual Assistants and SEO specialists. She takes joy in with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing boring tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

For more information about what she does, kindly go to her website, Virtual Assistant Mom.

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Contextual Backlinks – Relevant, Powerful, and Surrounded by Content

[tweetmeme]Backlinks are a dime a dozen. Everyone needs them, but some are more valuable than others. This is why contextual backlinks, which are links surrounded by content rich key phrases, are highly prized and sought after. The reason is simple; when a search engine indexes and crawls a webpage, it does this through Artificial Intelligence, better known as robot spiders. Part of the Google patent even states the ability to judge a link based on its location within a webpage and value it accordingly. Basically, Google knows if your link is floating around aimlessly in a footer link, blogroll, or header, and also knows if a link is surrounded by relevant content, or random gibberish. It’s like Santa; it knows if your links have been bad or good, and for Christmas you’re going to get rewarded with better rankings.

Well where can I get these Contextual Backlinks?

Since we now know what a in content link is, we need to figure out what medium gives us the best opportunity for this. The two that should make a great deal of sense to you are blogging, and article marketing.

Blogging – you Control your Destiny…Link destiny that is…

When you own a blog, you don’t have to answer to anyone for permission to embed hyperlinks, the content, or how often you post. For this reason many like to “piggy back” off the success of proven platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Xanga, and a few others. Search for “free blog hosting” or similar searches and you can see there are dozens to hundreds of public blog platforms to create your personal blog. The hardest part of this setup is the initial time investment to register. Now there are programs available to quicken this process but most are expensive and/or limited to the amount of sites they can submit to. For this reason you should make a list of every public blog platform and begin creating your personal blogosphere empire.

The Post: Be sure to write unique content, even if poorly written on your blog so the search engines pick it up and view it as a special unique snowflake. Write a minimum of 500 words, but the more you write, the better chance of a) being found b) ranking for related phrases. This article is over 1000 words long, but I write for the reader on premiere networks such as EzineArticles. Now go and register to these blog platforms…I’m waiting.

K, welcome back! So you have at your disposal a good base of blogs to submit content and obtain contextual backlinks (link in beginning, middle and end, not all in one place). The next step on the contextual bucket list is Article Marketing, which is extremely similar to blog creation/posting, but the main difference is public article directories are usually moderated so your work will require a bit more finesse and less focus on the spiders.

Article Marketing – “Your Contextual Backlinks are awaiting Moderation Gods*

Unlike blogs, there are literally thousands of public directories; it’s actually overwhelming. To get started one should focus on the ones with PageRank (PR) of at least 1. You can view directorycritics list or other compilations. Once you register (about 200 or so with Pagerank) start writing content and submitting. Some will get stuck in moderation limbo, while others make it through; it’s extremely important to write quality, at least first time around to see if a website is live and moderating fairly. After your first round you can keep track of which sites are dead/never going to accept, and simply put that article back into rotation at another directory (so you don’t waste it). Tracking with folders and Microsoft Excel is a great way to manage the dance of content shuffling.

I’m HUNGRY for links and don’t have time for dead public directories!

I like your spirit! In this case there are networks that are “private” unlike the public directories we have been utilizing. In this personal, private networks, membership comes with a price tag; this then grants you the ability to post within the network as if it were your own blog/article directory. Big advantages here are of course guaranteed alive websites (you are paying for the service), and new IP address links you would have otherwise never obtained. Two examples of private networks are Build My Rank (BMR) and Link Vana. They only accept unique content, but as long as it’s not spammy you will get accepted. With all the vast choices of free platforms, it’s a wonder if these networks are completely necessary.

Public, to Private, to Control Freak – We want to personally own the websites!

Now, we do “own” the blogs we have created on the public platforms, and we are at the mercy of the public article directories, but there is another method you can use to build contextual backlinks. Build Your Own Empire. This requires more knowledge, skill, and capital then the above methods but can reap huge rewards.

GoDaddy and other domain websites hold auctions each day for expiring domains. Here you can pay as little, or as much as you like. The more powerful the website in terms of backlinks, PageRank,.com, and name determine its value. To increase our diversity, we will then host these newly bought domains on different c class ip addresses (if all the links are coming from the same “location”, Google and other Search Engines see this and don’t value it as highly). You will need to change nameservers, setup a hosting account, install wordpress or another platform on the backened, and then you can post unlimited just like your public blogs, only with complete control and further diversity. You could always go to flippa to purchase setup websites but you will most likely be overcharged. If you stick with public blogs, public/private article directories and do some guest blogging occasionally you will be swimming in a sea of contextual relevant backlinks.

Need the highest quality contextual backlinks without the fuss of registration or content posting? I recommend to avoid the complicated process of buying expensive domains and harnessing the power of homepage contextual links. Also, with all those posts you’re going to need to get those posts indexed. Use which will build over 200,000 links to your posts each month automatically.

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Article Source:
Hopefully you have found this article of value about internet marketing and hiring a virtual assistant to help you out.  Visit us again for more information.

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Increase Web Targeted Traffic With Strategic Content Syndication

[tweetmeme]Are you distributing content online? If you aren’t increasing your web site visitors with targeted traffic you are doing the whole process wrong. Sharing your passion online by creating quality content is a smart way to gain free marketing exposure for your website, your message, and your self, but quality information about general topics is not a good method to generate targeted visitors that are actually looking for that type of product you are selling or promoting on your site. For example: People reading an article about dog’s health will not be interested on clicking on a link or visiting a site that is about cars, or selling auto parts, don’t you think?

If your goal is to boost your web traffic you need to create not just quality information, you also need make sure that the information is relevant to your site, landing page and your actual offer. The more relevant to the content is, the better your click through rates would be, you will generate more quality leads, make more sales, and you will definitely improve your ROI (return on investment).

Strategic Content Syndication Tips For Better Traffic

Distributing excellent content online it’s exhausting and very frustrating if you don’t get the results you expect right away. That’s why when you applying this type of Internet marketing strategies you need to make sure your campaign is really focus on your goals, which in this case is getting not just more but better visitors to your site. Yes, you read that right, you will maximize your business success not by getting lots of new visitors, but making sure each new visitor is highly targeted to your niche and offer.

You can target visitors by distributing different type of information all over the Internet. Here are some of the different type of content you can create:

  • Articles.
  • Online videos.
  • Podcasts.Online radio shows.
  • Webinars.
  • Teleseminars.
  • Ebooks or reports.
  • Social status and tweets.
  • Social audio status.
  • Presentations.
  • Educational graphics.

Here is how to distribute your information strategically and promote your business website to the right audience:

1. Do a good keyword research and gather a good amount of high targeted search terms you can use in your information headline or title.

2. Now filter that those terms by focusing on the long tail keywords in your niche. For example, if your niche main keyword is ‘fishing’ then make a list of sub-niche keywords like ‘fly fishing tips’, ‘ice fishing equipment’, etc..

3. Now, write a good list of tips related to each of those long tail keywords. I usually prefer to have a list of 100 small tips for each term.

4. Now take 5 to 7 tips at a time to create unique useful articles based on its respective key-phrase and submit them to top article directories like EzineArticles.

5. Be sure to submit one set of tips per article directory. You don’t have to use every single directory out there, just submit to 2 or 5 of the most popular ones, this way you avoid having duplicated content, and every article will have rank weight for you site.

6. Now turn each of those tips into one single detail original article. You gonna use these articles as your website content or even better as your blog posts.

7. Now let’s go media crazy by turning each and every article you have into a video and submit them to popular online video sharing sites like YouTube, veoh, revver, and others.

8. Same as tip number 7, turn each of your articles into an audio podcast and submit them to popular podcast directories like Apple iTunes, and others.

9. Now turn your social media status into a mini educational article by posting or tweeting (on Twitter) each of those small tips you wrote on step number 3. To automate the process simply use, this tool let you schedule tweets by dates and time, and a lot of other features.

10. Make sure to connect your blog, YouTube account, and EzineArticles account with Facebook and Twitter so your account will automatically update when your post new content on any of those sites.

11. Make sure to use different headlines or titles when posting a link to your information on sites like Twitter or on your Facebook Fan Page.

12. Facebook Fan Pages let you auto update your notes with your blog, articles, or web site information decide pick one of them to have automatically turn into a Note.

I hope I gave you enough content syndication tips to help you increase your web targeted traffic to any or all of your sites. One more thing, be sure to test and track your marketing efforts so you can keep using the methods that work for you.

Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Business and Marketing Specialist in the state of Massachusetts. For more tips on how to get free web traffic to your site visit:

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Short Term Work

[tweetmeme]Hiring a virtual assistant for short term work or setting them to a project based contracts are widely done nowadays. There are two major ways that you can work with a virtual assistant. The first of these is with management projects, which are done over a long period of time. The second of these is based off of short term work, where you simply hire a personal web assistant for a shorter term project that you will need. Depending on the state of your business, you can determine the time allotment for your virtual assistant.

There are two types of ways that you can approach short term work with a personal web assistant. Both of these will make a difference in the type of contract that you decide to sign with the assistant, as well as the types of projects you will have your virtual assistant for. Of course, even if you are only hiring a virtual assistant for a short period of time, you can always use the assistant in the future, as they will be familiar with the company and its needs.

The first type of short term work that you can hire a personal web assistant for is with maintenance that will only need to be updated a few times a year. For example, if you have specific book keeping that you will need to have maintained once every quarter, an outsourced assistant can work on this and consider it a short term project. Most likely, this will be considered a per-project agreement between you and the assistant.

The second type of short term work will be for when you need extra help for a specific time of year. Often times, virtual assistants will be hired for an event that is taking place or for an extra busy time of the year. This will allow the extra customer service and maintenance that is needed to be taken care of. There is also the possibility to hire a virtual assistant to do a short term project, such as build a website without the maintenance. This will allow you to find the best solutions for the extra push your business may need.

No matter what type of extra help you need, you can find a personal web assistant who can catch onto the vision and help you to reach your goal. No matter what the time frame is, you can easily find a virtual worker who has the ability to do what is needed for your company.

Get More Outsourcing Tips and Tricks from a FREE eBook that I got from Outsourcing Autopilot. Get your copy now!

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