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Internet Marketing Tips That Will Surely Work

internet marketing[tweetmeme]What do you think about internet marketing? Do you study the industry all the time in order to promote your business? There are a plethora of resources which you can use to learn about internet marketing, ranging from videos to magazines. So how do you put all this knowledge to use to create your own plan? Once you figure that out, use the tips in this article to get started.

Create an informative website with a glossary of common terms. People searching for those terms will be drawn to your site. This will help your customers, prospective customers, and competitors. Anyone who searches for the terms you define will be directed to your site, providing you with exposure and a reputation as an authority.

Offer customized versions of your website to people in other countries. Making your site available with multiple language options is a great idea. This can expand your global audience significantly and quite possibly send sales soaring. If a person can read and understand your site for themselves, the odds are improved for them to actually make a purchase.

A mailing list of your clients is essential. Include a sign-up page on your website, or ask for your customers’ email when they complete a purchase. This information can be used to solicit customer feedback or contact customers with sales and special offers.

While Internet marketing can be very much like normal consumer markets in some aspects, it is also quite different in others. For example, it’s possible for search engines to change their approach and stop using title tags as a factor in rankings. You may, for example, need to refocus your efforts on creating viral videos or other word-of-mouth content.

If you get disheartened with internet marketing, do not throw in the towel. You may be a step or two away from successful internet marketing when you give up. Make sure you are organized and have everything ready when you are trying to sell your products or services. This may take a lot of hard work. The effort you put in will pay off over time.

To make more money, you need more subscribers. You can do a split test, where you try different versions of an ad on different groups, to see which ad is best. This helps to find out what works and what doesn’t in each version of the website.

Show testimonials and comments from your customers on your site. This is because people want to read testimonials from others who have purchased the product. In addition, they love to read positive experiences other people have had. This puts them at ease with doing business with you, increasing the likelihood of them buying from your company.

Be sure to provide an ordering system that is secure. You should offer a secure payment method like Paypal so users will feel comfortable making transactions. Consider having your customers create a password protected account before they submit any personal information on your site.

Be as content focused and through as you can when you create a website. Give knowledge to your customers in a short time, so they are informed prior to purchasing a product. Avoid including useless data and repeating descriptions of items, because this will not look interesting to the buyer.

While usually it’s wise to keep your personal and business lives separate, this is a possible exception. Since there’s no pressure, it’s more of a hobby that makes money than a job. Think about doing it with a spouse.

If you have your Internet marketing plan, start executing it! Are you ready to apply what you read to your business? You can begin changing your plan to serve your purposes. If you have answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, you are ready to begin brainstorming internet marketing strategies.

And if you need additional hand in doing internet marketing, hire virtual assistants – they can surely make your life easier.

Zarah Pimentel is firstly a very proud mom to a 5year old girl. She is a co-founder of Hire a VA, an SEO Company in the Philippines that outsources SEO Specialists and Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. She takes joy in with serving to entrepreneurs grow their companies by setting them free in doing menial duties and aiding them in more ways they can imagine. She has been featured in several magazines and a book entitled, How to Start a Home-based Business to Become a Work-At-Home Mom.
For more details about what she does, kindly visit her internet site, Virtual Assistant Mom.


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How to Find a Great SEO Company

[tweetmeme]SEO is so broad and you may be overwhelmed by it if you are new in internet marketing… or even an experienced one already.

Why? It is because what works a few months ago may not work today. That is how fast the search engines’ algorithm changes.

Here are some things that you may hear from other firms that may raise a red flag:

seo company philippines1. We can make you on Page 1 in XXX months. –  Yes, this is the one thing we wanted to hear.  But.. uh-oh, nobody can promise that. When you want to be on Page 1, there are many factors – SEO virtual assistants can do just as much but there are those are not in their hands, experts or not.

2. We have the following packages… – In SEO, there are no ready-made packages. There is no one size fits all. A good SEO company should analyze your site first and talk to you about your expectations before preparing a personalized package.

3. We are the cheapest! – Quality comes with a price. That means if you want quality work, you should be prepared to pay a certain price. But there are some, you can choose any SEO company in the Philippines, that can offer Quality and Cost Effectiveness . You just have to know where to look.

Finding a SEO company is just like looking for a perfect dentist for you. You should be comfortable with them and has given you an impression that you can trust them. And also, make sure that you have everything in writing.

And another thing to do is to find out if their company is ranking in search engines. You would not want to have a dentist with bad set of teeth, isn’t it? If they are good, their search engine page ranking should also be good.

Should you want to be more personalized, you can opt to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines instead that can do SEO tasks for you. It is all up to you!

Be happy.. and successful,


ZSPimentel is first and foremost a very proud work at home mom to a 4year old girl. She is a co-owner of an outsourcing business, Hire a VA, a SEO company in the Philippines that outsources Virtual Assistants and SEO specialists. She very is content with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing menial tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

[tweetmeme]Everybody you know probably already has a Virtual Assistant. Maybe even the store around the corner… And you are still trying to think why hire a VA?

Virtual Assistants are great to have because of so many factors. You may even decide to forget about having on site staff when you realize the advantages.

No Equipment Costs
When you have an office, you will have furniture and equipment for your staff – extra space, desk, chair, computer and evenwhy hire a virtual assistant? coffee maker. With a virtual assistant, you do not have to bother with these things.

No Long Term Commitment

You can hire a VA hourly, weekly, monthly, per project or on going basis. It is always your choice. If you think you do not need a full time assistant, you can do it per project – just no hassle.

No Benefits Cost
You do not need to worry about paying taxes, insurance, or sick and vacation time. This alone will save you a good deal.

No Training Needed
Virtual Assistants are normally experienced and trained already . When you hire one, work will immediately start. No training will be done, unless your requirement is with a specialized field.

No Idle Time
No coffee breaks! Every penny you pay your Virtual Assistant has an equivalent amount of work. If you do not need a VA, you do not have to pay for the time.

You can fully maximize the potential when you hire a VA. Normally, virtual assistants from the Philippines are constantly getting great feedbacks from entrepreneurs worldwide. It is because they are hardworking, intelligent, communicates well and most especially their rates are very affordable.
So what are you waiting for, hire a virtual assistant now!

ZSPimentel is first and foremost a very proud mom to a 4year old girl. She is a co-owner of an outsourcing business, Hire a VA, a company that outsources Virtual Assistants and SEO specialists from the Philippines, that was put up together with 2 other female colleagues. She very is content with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing menial tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

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Myths About Virtual Assistants

[tweetmeme] VAs are becoming an integral part of businesses nowadays –  whether you are in a flower shop business in Paris, a construction business in Los Angeles,  a consulting firm in Sydney or a fitness instructor in Singapore, they now have Virtual Assistants.  Because everybody goes online, internet is becoming the heart of almost all of the businesses worldwide.  Everything can now be done virtually. Sure enough, you have heard so many statements about Virtual Assistants – some of them are true and some are just myths.  I will now discuss the top myths about VAs.

1. You need to pay more to have a good VA. This is definitely not true!  You may want to ask around and get references from those who have had good experiences from great VAs.   And you may conduct interviews via Skype or YM and with that; you will be able to gauge the capacity of the prospective VA.   The current going rate for VAs is about $10-15/hour – and you can get lower rates than that, without compromising the efficiency of the VAs.  You just have to be quite resourceful.

2. VAs from US are better than those from off-shore. This is a common misconception that i would like to clarify.  Off-shore VAs (especially Asian VAs), are not inferior.  They can speak English very well, hard-working, dependable and very knowledgeable – and they are now of the same level of competency as compared to US VAs.  The only main difference is their rates.  Asian VAs offers lower rates with the same quality of work.

3. Having a VA is difficult to handle. Wrong!  I do not see any difference in calling through Skype or even emailing a VA as against to calling a staff on the other end of the room.

4. I will be using a Freelance site to get a VA and i will find a good one there. This is a hit and miss process.  Freelance sites do not screen applicants that are bidding on your project or job vacancy.  You just rely on their profile.  Though many have good experiences, there are also others who experienced the opposite.  It is 100% sure to hire a VA from a legitimate outsourcing company where they train and guide them to be able to complete your every task efficiently. Before making an investment, time and money, make sure you know all the facts before you Hire a VA!

Be happy… and be successful,


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Tips on How To Hire a VA


I have been to both sides of the fence so I guess, I can give you a good view on this topic.

Hiring a VA is just the same as hiring a secretary, accountant or any other staff in the “real world”.  The only thing that will differ, and obviously, is that hiring will be done virtually – through the internet. 

I am sure, you have heard of so many ‘horror stories’ on how their Virtual Assistants have messed up their project timelines.  But you will also find out that there are more success stories on their hires.  Often, even if the VA and employer have not seen in person, they have cultivated a good working relationships.

This is because most of the VAs are ex-executives or ex-employees that just chose to stay at home, for whatever their personal reasons are.  This means they are educated and experience, awaiting for their expertise to be tapped by employers.

Now, how can an employer find these types of VA?  They are everywhere…  There are many outsourcing companies that you can use like oDesk and Elance and you can even find them on Craiglist.

Here are a few tips that you may use:

1. If you post a job, be specific with your requirements.  Do not just post, VA needed or I need SEO expert.  You have to be specific like, “I need a VA who will do the following:  transcribing telephone conversation, replying business emails, sending out flyers by email, etc, who is available 4 hours a day (PST timezone) and can speak and write English well.”  This will filter out those applicants who are not qualified.

And another tip is to put what I call “magic word/phrase” that an applicant should write within his application letter to be able to filter those “spam applicants”, those who do not read the descriptions before applying.  You would not need those applicants.

2.When applicants apply, take time to study the application letters AND their CVs.  Narrow down the number of applicants by separating those with relevant experiences from your job opening.

3. Do not rely on their application letters, you have to interview them.  And if you are planning to get their services long-term,  do a voice-chat interview or even video interview.  You can gauge their ability by doing so.

4. Ask references.  Although many employers wanted to be anonymous, there are some who will be willing to be interviewed or asked about their VAs.

5. Go to forums.  Ask around for recommendations for VAs.  I am sure, many would be willing to give out information on how they got their good VAs.

6. Another surefire way is to tap small outsourcing companies.  It will give you a Virtual Assistant according to your requirements.  Normally, they would assign 2 staff, the Team Leader and the VA.  You just have to give the tasks and coordinate with the Team Leader.  This will mean less headache and less stress on your part.  You do not have to train or monitor the VA anymore – the Team Leader will do that for you.

I have gone through the process and I agree that sometimes, it is frustrating that menial tasks are not being done properly.  But when you got a gem VA, your life would be 10x easier – and well, of course, profitable.  So what are you waiting for, Hire a VA now!

Good luck on your VA hunt!

Be happy…  and be successful,


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Why Hire A VA?



Considering the information overload on the web nowadays, the newest programs and websites which developed every single day, as well as the everyday issues that you might be experiencing being a business owner, however big or small your business is – you will need someone competent at assisting you all the way through.

You cannot do everything on your own, you will need additional time in your hands to accomplish ‘real’ business rather than deal with nitty gritty items necessary in order to operate your company.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is really a sensible management decision. Why? Listed here are explanations why you should Hire a VA:

Provides You With Time for you to Focus on Company

For all those business owners, time is money. Hiring a VA can give you your all-important time to concentration on expanding your company and not merely attending to small things such as emails, typing, content creation, social media marketing and the more important SEO tasks like link building, article/video posting and many others.

Additional Savingsvirtualassistantmom

VAs are usually contracted professionals rather than employees. You simply pay them for work or task done (not for idle time, nor for holidays, sick leave or absenteeism). There are extra costs related to employees (payroll, benefits, training, and severance pay). Furthermore, you do not need to pay for workplace space, equipments or furniture.

All in One Assistant

VAs are mainly prepared to learn. Therefore a lot of them happen to be well rounded – meaning, one individual can perform administrative, internet marketing, sales, SEO and others.

Matches Your own Requirement

If you finally choose to Hire a VA, both you and your VA will choose the schedule that is agreeable. Regardless of whether you require an assistant 8 hours each day, 2 hours per day or even on a project basis, VAs will adjust to your specifications.

Qualified Assistants

VAs are usually experts that possess diverse experiences in different fields such as Consulting, Advertising, Real Estate, Internet Marketing,SEO etc. Therefore when you hired a VA, it is possible to make the most of their particular expertise and experiences.

Delegate Time Consuming Tasks

There are really quite easy duties that are critical to be carried out and you also simply do not have time to get it done. VAs can definitely be of help to this predicament. VAs can perform from the most basic tasks to the most complicated one that you will delegate to them.

Freedom to Have Personal Timevirtualassistantmom

Being an business owner myself, i know it is extremely challenging to have a private time. But with dependable VA to work with you, you’ll have regular personal and family time. This provides you with time in order to recharge and also plan much better for your company.

With all these factors, I am sure that you will agree with me that you ought to Hire a VA now!

Be happy…  and be successful,


ZSPimentel is first and foremost a very proud mom to a 4year old girl.  She is a co-owner of an outsourcing business, Hire a VA,  that was put up together with 2 other female colleagues.  She very is content with helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by setting them free in doing menial tasks and assisting them in more ways they can imagine.

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Hello and Welcome!

virtualassistantmomHi there!  This is my first post and i would like to welcome you here and please feel free to put your comments and i will surely answer it.

This is a portal of information on both being a working mom (work at home, that is) and being in the field of Internet Marketing.  You will find information that will be useful in your business and as much as i can, personal life.

So please, enjoy reading!

Be happy… and be successful,


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