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Free and Cannot Live Without!

[tweetmeme]As  Virtual Assistant and SEO Specialist we need all the help we can get.  But in my case, i cannot always subscribe to paid services or buy software.  So i learned to explore many options and find free ones.  Overtime, i came to love some services and i can say that i really cannot live without – and guess what, those are FREE.  Yes, free…  There are still some things in life that are FREE!   🙂

Here are some:

1.  Gmail – Gone were the days when your email is just an… email.  Sending and receiving emails.  With gmail, you can integrate all your email addresses (i have more than 10 email accounts… yes, seriously!)  into one, sort it into categories, subjects and timelines.

2. Skype – This is my calling card.  I use Skype to make phone calls, instant message, video chat, send and receive large and small computer files.  I find their service, Screen Sharing simply fab – it makes things much easier for me.

3. Google Calendar – I need to be reminded of things, personal or business related.  I am a control freak and i want everything organize.  And what is the answer?  Google Calendar.  This is awesome, you can program your reminders and it can do pop up, email you the reminder – and it can even send it to your cellphone.  What else do you need?

4. Google Reader – I should (or i want) to read so many blogs.  And because of my hectic schedule, i cannot visit the blogs every so often.  Google Reader makes sure that i have all the posts and can be read during my free time.

5. Google Docs – I use this for anything and everything.  This is such a useful service.  I use this for personal, for clients’ reports and even timesheets.  How i love Google services!  They really answer all your needs.

6. Paypal – I need to be paid somehow.. 🙂  And Paypal is the easiest and most convenient way to get paid.  And i can use it to buy anything on the web – you do not need to fill out anything else anymore (as compared to paying with your credit card).  You just need your email address.

7.  Traffic Travis –  This is a free SEO Software!  Yes, this is free.  This software helps me  save so much time for finding keyword – and this is very user friendly.  Any internet marketer can use this – beginners or experts.

8. You Send It – Cannot email the attachment, send it via this service.  Fast and very easy.

9.  Log Me In – This is a free (or paid) service that allows you to access any computer anywhere – as in anywhere in the world.  If you need anything to be fixed or you need to train somebody, you can use this service.

10. WordPress – Oh yes, and finally, WordPress.  Anything i want in my blog (and even website), WP has it and much, much more.

These are the services that i value so much – and guess what, this did not cost me anything.  There are so much valuable services on the web that we can use that will help our life much easier.    I still have some more, but i think i will have a Part 2 of this post.

If  you have some more FREE stuff to share, kindly share it with us.

Be happy… and be successful,


The author, ZSPimentel is a Working Mom and currently a co-owner of the company, Hire a VA which outsources VA and SEO Specialists at a very reasonable rates.


May 25, 2010 at 2:55 am 4 comments

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